I like…bats.

I’ve been loving DC Comics’ New 52 since they started in September. By starting over with all their books DC Comics have made them really exciting to read with new surprises every month. Whether they really are accessible to new readers or not can be debated, but it’s a refreshing change.

The creative teams behind these books are delivering top notch work across almost the whole line. The writing is strong and many of the artists are producing the best work of their careers. The following are just a few of my favorite covers from books in the Bat-family.

With Bane being the featured villain in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, it only makes sense that DC Comics would put the spotlight on him in the comics. This cover by David Finch is a great homage to Kelley Jones’ cover from the classic Knightfall epic.

Batman: The Dark Knight #6 cover by David Finch

Batman #497 cover by Kelley Jones

When I heard that former Spawn artist, Greg Capullo, was the new artist on Batman I didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t picked up a Spawn comic since the 90s and wasn’t really familiar with Capullo’s work. But he brings a great sense of movement and energy to Batman. Paired with Scott Snyder, one of the best writers in the business, Batman is arguably the best book of the New 52.

Batman #3 cover by Greg Capullo

Batman #6 cover by Greg Capullo

Hands down one of the best illustrators working in comics today, J.H. Williams III never disappoints. His work on Batwoman is definitely a highlight of DC Comics’ entire line. With varying styles and a uniquely strong sense of design, Williams creates works of fine art that you could spend hours staring at.

Batwoman #1 cover by J.H. Williams III

Batwoman #2 cover by J.H. Williams III